Monday, May 16, 2011


In this assignment we tried to capture objects positioned in thirds. I has difficulties at first trying to fit the objects I wanted to capture without cutting most of it out of the picture.

Monday, May 9, 2011

This section shows pictures of high school for me. Russel brand (first picture) was my favorite actor/comedian freshman year. Wu-tang (second) is a rap group that I listened to much of freshman year. Then sophmore year I listened to method man (next picture) way too much. I like In-n-out and freshman year I got a 4 by 4 burger, 4 patties and 4 of everything and is not technically on the menu. And lastly is a picture of mt. Hood. I am going there this summer so it is a future memory and one that I have been waiting for, for a long time.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

This series represents middle school for me. Some of these were new to me, others I just started to get more involved with, but knew them from before. was new to me, it is a skiing website that gives updates on competitions and what is going on. I also had to move across town. The second to last picture is Christopher Gearge Latore Wallace, also known as Biggie Smalls or Notorious B.I.G.  

Monday, May 2, 2011

These pictures represent my later childhood. These pictures show things I've accomplished or things I used to say or listen to. Many of the things I liked were introduced to me by my oldest brother. The second picture is CR Johnson, who had a very bad accident when I was little, and his recovery and view on life inspired me to ski harder. The fourth picture is of a steering wheel from a volvo, the same model that learned to drive in. Then the fifth picture is just a saying that I said all the time when somebody said something dumb. The last picture was my favorite album, introduced to me by my older brother.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

When I was little I like a variety of things. I really like pickup trucks that were raised, and other off road vehicles. The next picture is of Henrik Harlaut a professional freestyle skier who has a "gangsta" style when he skis. I chose him because he represents newschool skiing and that was my introductory to freestyle. Aswell as MSP (match stick productions) which is a company that makes ski movies. The next picture is from the Fresh Prince of Bel-air, my favorite TV show at the time. Then is a  picture of a teddy bear and winnie the pooh. I liked teddy bears first and then from that I liked winnie the pooh. 

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Eric is able to show all the sides of photography. Whether it be portraits or op art, he knows what editing to use. Eric tends to take subtle photo's. By this I mean that he does not have too many or too bright photo's in his works.

  Vlad has progressed throughout the year. He has shown skill in every style he has done. He has progressed more into a dream-like and mysterious style. He uses an effect called tilt shift, which blurs parts of the picture. I like his pictures because they are unique from everyone else's.

  All of Thayer's photos have a lot of energy in them which make them unique from other peoples in the class. When she did the last photo series project she took pictures of students and people on the street. Each photo had some sort of movement in it.

  Kendall has progressed throughout the year. Her pictures have a very smooth and soft style to them. Many of her pictures have very neutral tones to them. One thing that I like the best is she doesn't over edit anything. Her pictures let all the colors and shapes fit into the frame.

  Iris takes a lot of photos of people. All of her pictures are very clear and not blurred. Many of her more recent photos have neutral, low key tones. Due to the coloring her photos look much more "real" then other editing techniques because she does not over edit, or add in unnatural colors.

Kenna has progressed throughout the year. Many of her pictures deal with focusing on shapes. Her pictures bring out a full object because of the angles that she takes them from. Another good aspect of her photography is her editing. She does not over edit pictures. She edits them minimally so that the whole object in her picture stands out.

Deanna has improved with photography throughout the year. The most improved area in style is with low depth of field. This is when she focuses on an object or a person without the disruption of the background. She does this by blurring the background slightly to exemplify the person or object she is trying to capture.

Fatima has shown skill in every aspect throughout the year. In my opinion her strongest point is portraits. Her portraits are all very clear and show every characteristic of the persons face. Her editing style has also improved. She edits minimally to betray the image in a very "real" way. She does this by using natural shades and not bright of colors.